Do you make excellent coffee, goulash, or have the best beer in the world? We will photograph it in such a way so that it will make your mouths water.

Why is one restaurant overflowing with customers, even if their food isn't as good as yours? The trick is perfect presentation. We will create customised images that you can keep in your archives and use forever on your menu, website, billboards, in flyers, to decorate your place of business, or any way you like. And you never have to pay another crown.

We will not only photograph your entire menu, but also your chef or your entire team at work, your facilities with actual guests, without them, or with models acting as guests. We will instil the image with emotion, taste, and aroma. Our pictures will awaken all of your senses. Nobody will even think of going anywhere else again!

How does the photo shoot work?

D Day: the photo shoot

After the photo shoot

We have a lot of experience

We have, for example, taken photographs for the following companies:

Tesco, McCafé, Pasáž Myslbek, Fashion Arena, Nike, Škoda Auto, Volkswagen, AVG, Peugeot, Lingerie Paris.

Our photographs regularly appear the magazines:

Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Story, Style, National Geographic...


We also offer panoramic 180° to 360° images.

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