A top manager, creative director, chef, or intellectual – each one is different, and needs to present themselves differently in a portrait.

Together, we will capture what is unique about you and what you want to say about yourself to others. If you want, we can design the creative concept of your portrait for you. Do you want to create the impression that you are easy-going and just a little bit crazy? Then let's do a photo shoot underwater! Do you need a respectable portrait of a top manager? No problem – it too can be creative and subtly highlight your qualities. Do you want a group portrait of the entire team? Let us know – you have a wish, and we have countless ideas of how to fulfil it!

In addition to shooting famous figures and corporate portraits, we also shoot family events, as well as professional and private portraits of children or entire families in the studio or in any environment you choose.

How does the photo shoot work?

D Day: the photo shoot

After the photo shoot

We have a lot of experience

We have, for example, taken photographs for the following companies:

Nike, AVG, McCafé, Škoda Auto, VW, Peugeot, Tesco, Lingerie Paris, BodyBody.

Our photographs regularly appear the magazines:

Marie Claire, Story, Harpers Bazaar, National Geographic...

Price from
5 000Kč


We also offer panoramic 180° to 360° images.

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